Hello - welcome. I'm glad you're here.

You must be here because conceiving a child is on your mind.

Whether it’s a recent chapter in your life or you’ve been struggling to fall pregnant for a while, you have found the right place.

A few reasons why parents-to-be enjoy working with me:

  • I treat you as a woman who has an incredible body. Your body is beautiful.
  • I work with you as a couple because becoming pregnant takes two healthy individuals.
  • My fees are 90% cheaper than IVF.
  • My success rate is higher than IVF.
  • Giving birth is a journey that all women should have the ability to experience – and do it the way nature intended.
  • I am internationally qualified (Justisse Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner) registered to the AFAP (American Fertility Awareness Practitioners), and still continuing my education to become a globally Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.
  • Becoming pregnant requires a woman and a couple to look at their life, their relationship, their physiology and their emotions – when some of these areas are not functioning, pregnancy is difficult. I help you walk this journey.
  • Becoming pregnant is a journey that you as a couple will go through. I get to know you, I understand you and your relationship, and if you need me to, I like to keep working with you through your pregnancy and into parenthood.